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Welcome to music  

This week we will be thinking about:

  • Listening to music and the thinking about how it makes us feel. - does it make us think of anything?
  • Exploring instruments.
  • Learning another song for assemblies.


  Listen and Appraise

What instruments do you hear?

How does this make you feel?

What is the tempo of this music? (Is it fast or slow?)

Prokofiev - Peter And The Wolf March

 Exploring Instruments


Today we are going to be exploring instruments and the sounds they make.


In the centre of the room is a parachute filled with instruments.
Have the children sit around the edge of the parachute

(not touching the instruments - yet!)
Only two children to each coloured section. 



Introduce all the instruments. There are labels on each section to help you.


Introduce hand signals to help control the noise level. 


 Stop!             Play!


Ensure the children know not to touch the instruments when they should be listening to your instructions.


note to TA - Everything on a coloured section is identical on the opposite matching colour of the parachute. (e.g. blue - hand drum and claves)




Invite the children to play the instrument - yes this will be loud!!


"These instruments can be tapped, scraped or shaken. How do you think the instrument in front of you should be played?"


Explore the volume/dynamics

"how quiet can you play the instrument?"

Explore the tempo

"can you play it slow/fast?"

"which sounds better?"


Time to Move:
Have all the children stand up and move on to the next coloured section - only spend a few minutes on each section.


Explore the instruments again. Continue this until all the children have moved around half of the circle.
(They will have tried every instrument on the parachute by the end of the lesson)


Ideas of sound to explore:

  • make a rustling sound - like rustling leaves.
  • make the sound of the rain pitter pattering on a roof.
  • create sounds from the ocean.
  • quiet sounds - being quiet like a whisper.
  • marching like a soldier.
  • what would a rainbow sound like?
  • tap out your name on the instrument.
  • have the sounds start quiet and gradually get louder.

Please leave the instruments neatly on the parachute
for the next class.



If you have time for assembly songs, follow the link below.

   Practicing our assembly songs


We have lots of favourite songs we like to sing during our school assemblies. Let's have a practice with one of these.


Follow the link below and choose a brand new one to learn today.  If you have time you can also practice one or two of the songs you have already learnt. 


Assembly Songs


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