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Welcome to music        

This week we will be thinking about:

  • Listening to music and the emotions it can create.
  • Drawing and reflecting on the sounds we can hear.
  • Learning all about pulse and rhythm with our resident musician Kevin and his sidekick 'Mogs'.


 Listen and Appraise


What instruments do you hear?

How does this make you feel?

What is the tempo of this music? (fast or slow?)

What are the dynamics of this music?  (loud or soft)

What is the pitch of the music?  (high or low)

Did you like it?  (explain your reason why?)

(Remember you don't have to like the same type of music as your friend)

Epic Build Up Music - The Storm

  Draw what you can hear!

(you will need a piece of paper and a pencil)

Listen to the 'Billy Joel's Piano Man'.


On the paper provided draw whatever the music inspires you to draw. It could be swirls, wiggles, curved lines or even an actual picture - there is no wrong way of doing this activity. Just let your imagination run free.  You can use coloured pencils if you'd like.


Remember - you only have the length time the music takes to play to complete your drawing. Be creative and use all the paper.


What does it inspire you to draw?

Have a go..

Billy Joel - Piano Man (Piano Cover)

  Pulse and Rhythm


Our resident musician Kevin Morgan would like to take you on a journey of understanding all about pulse and rhythm. Watch and learn - there will be opportunities for you to join in too.

Pulse and rhythm - Kevin Morgan

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