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Welcome to music       

This week we will be thinking about:

  • Listening to music and understanding the emotions it can create.
  • Listening out and identifying the instruments we can hear.
  • Practice our singing skills and sing favourite assembly songs.


 Listen and Appraise


What instruments do you hear?

How does this make you feel?

What is the tempo of this music? (fast or slow?)

What are the dynamics of this music?  (loud or soft)

What is the pitch of the music?  (high or low)

Did you like it?  (explain your reason why?)

(Remember you don't have to like the same type of music as your friend)

Mozart - Alla Turca - Melody Street

Listen Out

Listen to the next piece of music.

(video is under the pictures of the instruments)

  • Think about the sounds/instruments you can hear.
  • Whilst listening to the music keep the page on the pictures of the instruments - I wonder what you can hear?
  • Choose which instruments you think are being played.

answers are under the video

You can select more than one sound. 

Note to TA:

Once you've pressed play on the video, please scroll back to the pictures
of the instruments - answers are under the video.



piano             guitar            drums             cymbals             shaky eggs             accordion

Using the same pictures of instruments you've just been looking at. What instruments can you hear now?

Answers will be under the video.

No peeking at the video for clues as your
classroom adult starts the music!

"Megalovania" with Snubby J (our biggest request)


drums           accordion         tubulum



Fun Fact:           
The tubulum is a homemade instruments and is made from plastic drain pipes.

It can also be known as a 'thongophone'  -  in Austaralia they use flip flops to play the instrument.



Singing has been something we have not been able to do a lot of since lockdown started last spring. Now that restrictions are easing off, we are beginning to see life go back to the way things one were. We still have a long way to go but singing is something that we can begin to enjoy with our classmates again. Let's practice one of our favourite assembly songs.

sunshine in my heart

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