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Pastoral Support


Helen Henstridge (Pastoral Support Worker)


We offer support to all our school family regarding emotional, behavioural and parenting issues, and work extensively with outside agencies and our neighbouring schools.

We understand that children can experience some anxieties and this can have an impact on a child's learning and general wellbeing, pastoral care chats can help with this.

If something has happened at home that may be causing your child upset or distress please inform us or the class teacher and we will work together to support your child.


Listening ear boxes:

There is listening ear box located in each year group, where children can pop a note inside should they wish to have a chat with the pastoral support team.




Playground Pals:

Two children from each class in Yr2 are selected for this responsibility. The children spend time with pastoral team to train and learn the set questions which aid in problem solving.



Each half term there is an assembly which reminds all children the role of the playground pals. Every playtime 2 playground pals are on duty, they are easily identified by wearing a yellow smiley face tabard.






Should your child feel upset, lonely or have friendship problems then playground pals can help.


PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) programme (Jigsaw):

Jigsaw PSHE is a comprehensive primary PSHE Scheme of Work for Reception, Years 1 & 2. The scheme of work provides a structured and developmental PSHE programme focused on building emotional literacy and social skills within a whole-school approach.


Jigsaw, is a primary Scheme of Work for PSHE education. The whole school engages in one theme at a time across all year groups, with 6 themes over the course of a year, one per half term. Each unit is launched with an assembly and each Puzzle works towards a whole school piece of work each term.

  • The teaching strategies outlined are varied and are mindful of preferred learning styles and the need for differentiation. All teaching resources - such as Powerpoint presentations, interactive games and activities are provided.
  • The included ‘Jigsaw friends’ characters are unique to each year group and integral to each lesson. They are valuable teaching aides, especially for issues some pupils may consider sensitive.
  • The Scheme of Work also focuses on developing mindfulness techniques and enhancing pupils’ learning and personal development, therefore supporting the self- regulation of emotion, building of emotional resilience and enhancement of pupil focus and concentration, while building the capacity to learn.




Useful resources:

Useful resources: 1
Useful resources: 2
Useful resources: 3
Useful resources: 4
Useful resources: 5
Useful resources: 6

Pastoral Intervention

  • Pastoral Support



  • Therapeutic play : A safe, confidential and caring environment is created which allows the child to play with as few limits as possible but as many as necessary (for safety). The child is given Special Time.  So often in modern life we never seem to have enough time to spend with our children - just playing, just being there for them. The child is given strategies to cope with difficulties they face in life and which they themselves cannot change.  It provides a more positive view of their future life. They may be with individual or groups of children.   A variety of techniques - the Play Therapy Toolkit are used according to the child’s wishes and the skills of the therapist.  These may include: 
    • Storytelling 
    • Creative Visualisation 
    • Drama 
    • Puppets & Masks 
    • Music Dance, Movement 
    • Sandplay 
    • Painting & Drawing 
    • Clay, Plasticine & Playdough Games  




  • ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistants : We recognise at Twin Sails there are challenges in supporting pupils whose learning is negatively affected by emotional difficulties. As a school we are committed to working together to ensure the inclusion, achievement and well-being of all pupils and as a result have staff trained in providing emotional support to help children to deal with difficult emotions.
    • We provide help so they can develop ways to cope with a family split or a bereavement, manage anger or to develop social skills enabling them to make friends more easily.

      Whatever the concern it's our aim to make sure the children here are relaxed and happy and ready to learn.


      Our ELSA's are:

      Helen Henstridge, Hayley Whitbread & Suzie Foulkes


      What is Emotional Literacy?


    • Understanding and coping with the feelings about ourselves and others.
    • Developing high self esteem & positive interactions with others.
    • Being emotionally literate helps children focus better on their learning
    • ELSA sessions help children in schools facing life challenges that detract from their ability to engage with learning, and some will require greater support to increase their emotional literacy than others.  ELSA is an initiative developed and supported by Educational Psychologists.  It recognises that children learn better and are happier in school if their emotional needs are also addressed.

      We are lucky enough to have three qualified Emotional Literacy Support Assistants at Twin Sails.  They have been trained by Educational Psychologists to plan and deliver programmes of support to children experiencing temporary or long term additional emotional needs.  The majority of ELSA work is delivered on an individual basis, but sometimes small group work is more appropriate, especially in the areas of social or friendship skills.  Sessions are fun, we use a range of activities such as; games, role play with puppets or arts and craft.  Each session lasts for approx. 30-45 minutes, after 6 weeks the child's progress will be reviewed by talking to class teacher and parent.


      In ELSA we aim to provide support for a wide range of emotional needs:

    • Recognising emotions
    • Self-esteem
    • Social Skills
    • Friendship skills
    • Anger Management
    • Loss and bereavement

  • Twin Sails Infant School and Nursery,
  • Blandford Road, Hamworthy,
  • Poole, Dorset, BH15 4AX
  • Telephone: 01202 672 377
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