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Our Vision and Values


Every Child, Every Day, Every Possibility


Twin Sails is a happy and caring school, where we aim to ensure all children feel secure, welcome and valued. Our purpose is to ensure that every child really does matter, as they all deserve the best possible start in life and to be given the best opportunities to fulfil their potential. 

We achieve these aims by ensuring we provide a balanced, stimulating curriculum which values each child's uniqueness. Our team constantly strive for excellence across the whole school. 


Our Aims:


  • Children need security, love, friendship, encouragement, motivation, stimulation, praise and consideration of their individuality.
  • The whole child is important- social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral development is all essential.
  • We want all our children to develop knowledge, confidence, self esteem, independence, self-discipline, individuality perseverance and social awareness, with a view to fulfilling their true potential
  • We work hard to create an environment where children feel safe, wanted, independent and motivated to learn.
  • We work with passion to create an innovative and exciting curriculum that engages children and develops a lifelong love for learning.
  • We promote skills for life through our 5Rs- being resilient, resourceful, reciprocal, reflective and responsible.
  • We all have the highest expectations for pupil's achievements and progress.
  • We promote a healthy partnership between child, parent, school, governors and community; To ensure that all stakeholders care and are committed to our school ethos. Mutual respect and dialogue are crucial to supporting children's development and learning. 


The school believes that it is a real privilege to play an active part in children’s education and developing a child’s sense of self.


At Twin sails, we celebrate British values through promoting tolerance and respect for all members of our school community and the wider society. We develop a sense of shared responsibility amongst the children for ensuring Twin Sails is a school we can all be proud to be part of. 


This ethos is valued by all of us and the shared belief we all have in our aims creates a happy school, where every child is valued, every day.....and where we believe the opportunities we offer should provide our children with every possibility of a bright future. 

Twin Sails Infant School & Nursery Assembly 2018 - 2019

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  • Twin Sails Infant School and Nursery,
  • Blandford Road, Hamworthy,
  • Poole, Dorset, BH15 4AX
  • Telephone: 01202 672 377
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